Spicewood is not just another jungle resort or a home stay. It is built on an unconditional love for nature of a group of environment conscious minds met together and kick start a different concept that is destined to rewrite the concept of tourism. ‘Spicewood Holidays’ envisages a true holiday home in the midst of green hills refreshing and rejuvenating mind & body of the guests.

The Resort

The resort has all the facilities needed for those who want to enjoy the misty moments of the mountain land to the brim. It is more than just a home stay and offers good facilities for the visitors without altering the status quo of the location. It houses 4 residence units of 639 sq ft each with a spacious living room, bed room, bathroom a micro kitchen and a balcony to help you enjoy the ambience. Each residence unit is scientifically designed so that they blend in with the surrounding so well to gift you an experience you always cherish. It’s literally like living in the lap of nature with all the luxuries of the times. The units suits families well as they can live together to share their love for each other and passion for nature. With elements that satisfy the likes of the people of any age, Spicewood is sure to become the unanimous choice of friends and families.

The Spicewood Model

Spicewood is dedicated and committed to serve our guests and is as well inclined to the financial uplift of resident villagers. The villagers and the farmers are a folk who have always been exploited by everyone. Spicewood has envisaged participatory projects for the development of the village community by involving their families and harmonizing their traditional wisdom and potentials for business favors. The project works in manifold ways holding the villagers in the vicinity close to the heart. It’s through the relentless efforts and selfless service of the hardworking people around the project, Spicewood spread its wings to embrace the new heights of success.

The Village Vibes

What makes Spicewood special is the commitment shown to promote the local inhabitants and the inherent wisdom that keeps each place unique and stand apart from the rest. The promoters of Spicewood is committed to pool in the local wisdom in farming practices and handicrafts to develop the same into a global brand without doctoring the genuine procedures and methods practiced across ages. Spicewood adopts villages around the project and provides them with assistance to cultivate crops that suits their land and customs. The produce is collected paying them the maximum and is sold as coveted brands named according to the Village of production under the Spicewood Stores and Distribution Chain. The villagers who otherwise use chemical pesticides and other harmful practices are thus brought back to the genuine farming culture of the land to yield unadulterated products.