Vision is what matters most when conceiving a project like Spicewood which is destined to uplift the concept of staycations to the next level. Eco friendly living spaces with most modern facilities amidst the perfect ambience of lush greenery and serene surrounding is what Spicewood has in store for the nature lovers who flock in to Wayanad. More than a business, the team behind Spicewood sees the venture as a movement that could help the local people to realize their potential as a force to reckon with. Finding the inherent abilities of the people who know their land like anything tapping their unexplored areas of strength and once again making them the masters of their motherland is what envisaged when the very idea of Spicewood sprouted in the minds of the promoters. After many years of thorough research and systematic planning, Spicewood is spreading its wings to soar high heralding a new dawn of responsible tourism at a time when the need for such a model is at its peak.