Why take your family on a farm holiday?

Planning a family vacation? Do you want it to be quiet and blissful? If you are looking to give your family some quality time to bond by creating unforgettable memories and a happy experience, doesn’t a farm stay holiday sound a wonderful idea? You may have a one time or another lingered in the countryside. Do you remember how it felt? Let me remind you. It feels like the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders. Everything is right and everything seems to be in harmony in the world. The smallest and simplest things make you feel happy and content. So to experience the same with your family, organise a farm holiday in Wayanad. Relax, take a deep breath and simply enjoy the company of your family in a serene environment of the countryside. It will definitely bring a smile to your face when you see your kids cheerfully playing with the farm animals. With so many options for family vacations out there, if you are wondering why you should take your family on a farm stay holiday, let me present you a few great reasons to help you decide.

Reasons to take your family on a farm holiday.

It’s the experience.

When you go for a farm stay holiday, you are living the farm life and are surrounded by the peacefulness of nature.Everyone can learn and experience farm life, and the kids have a great time interacting with farm animals. Many times it’s the accommodation itself is an excuse to go on a farm holiday.

Most farm stays have pets , while others offer the opportunity to collect eggs and feed the animals. Kids will enjoy feeding chickens, baby lambs as well as holding them.

There are long walks you can take with your family, listening to the sweet melodies of birds, and breathing in the fragrance-filled air of the open countryside. And how can you ever forget the lovely skies at night, full of bright stars that glow like diamonds?

Do you hear that? It’s that feeling of tranquility only found on a farm stay holiday. Leave the deafening sound of rush hour traffic behind and fall into the land of the sweetest and most beautiful dreams; only to wake up by the gentle rays of the sun in the morning, refreshed and relaxed.

It’s the countryside.

Farm holidays let you explore the rural part of the country. You can escape the noise and stress of the city within a couple of hours, and find yourself standing in the countryside. Life is uncomplicated and simple here and you will find the friendliest and most hospitable people living in these areas.

As you know, it’s becoming much more difficult to have quality time with your family due to work responsibilities and the routine life in the city. Well, a farm stay holiday gives you a chance to take a break from the hectic schedule which steals precious hours and days to reconnect with your spouse and kids.

Time passes by leisurely. Take full advantage of the moment and surround yourself with people you love the most in your life- your family. Give your kids a chance to connect with nature and the countryside. Let them savor the moment and create amazing memories that will live forever in their hearts.

There are no loud distractions unlike amusement parks where there is fun but you also have to deal with noisy crowds and hassle with lines to enjoy the rides. Farm holidays give you an opportunity to have an incredible bonding experience with your family in a relaxed atmosphere where time slows down allowing you to spend more quality time with your family. So, why would you want to miss out on this?

It’s the wildlife.

Wildlife is the key to enjoying farm holidays. Kids love them and thoroughly enjoy patting and touching them, being around them and interacting with them. There are different kinds of animals that everyone would relish ranging from ducks, chickens, dogs, cats, sheep, cows..etc

Look out for the various species of beautiful birds which you would not otherwise see in the city.Go for a tour of the farm with the owners and let them show you around. Everyone can learn about the farm surroundings and the animals on these tours.

If you like, take a drive around the countryside to explore more wildlife. It will also give you a chance to walk around and experience the vastness and more of what nature has to offer which is also excellent for your body and mind.

It’s the outdoor adventures

Those of you who love the outdoors, farm holidays are just what you need and more. As mentioned earlier, there are many opportunities to go for long walks. You only need to gear up, pick up your backpacks, lace your boots and you are on your way.

Whether you choose a farm holiday in Spicewood Holidays the family will get plenty opportunities to get out and about.

Besides, you can choose to go for Trecking, quick boat trips, Visiting LOCAL ATTRACTIONS IN WAYANAD      or hike up the mountains to fill your lungs with fresh air and relish in some of the most beautiful views nature has to offer. If you are feeling relaxed and have time, you have the option to take a scenic drive to cover more ground and explore the region.

It’s the delectable local food.

Farm stay holidays are wonderful wholesome experiences filled with fun memories for your family. With all it has to offer, one thing you will truly appreciate are the home-cooked meals for your family. When you are on farm holiday, you are guaranteed to enjoy mouth watering delicious local food and delicacies.

The garden-fresh produce from the farm where you are staying to other fresh ingredients bought from the local market. You can be assured of having delicious meals making the experience much more enjoyable.

Let the kids have their share of fun too by collecting fresh eggs every day. At the end of your stay,you may be offered to take some freshly picked fruits and vegetables home. This way you can enjoy the taste of your farm holiday stay for a little longer.